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The problem with ordinary diet pills is that they usually wear off right about the same time as the nighttime binge eating cycle begins to kick in.  Thats why this breakthrough formula is so important

It's midnight. The house is quiet. It's  an hour or two after dinner. But something is lurking... your cravings. You were so good all day, but now you can't stay away from the fridge. Hundreds of calories later, your diet is sabotaged.

If that sounds like you, take heart. Researchers have pinpointed something called "the nocturnal feeding cycle" —a.k.a. Nighttime Binge Eating. If you can't seem to break the habit (and your good diet resolutions are getting smashed to smithereens), let us introduce you to SomnaTrim.

The unique SomnaTrim formula contains no harsh stimulants, no dangerous chemicals and no habit-forming sleep aids. Just two capsules an hour or two after dinner and this specially developed formula interrupts the nighttime binge eating cycle by reducing stress and suppressing appetite. So creepy cravings are busted.